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    Can you tell me more about HPCC?

    Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club (HPCC) is a member of the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA). The Navy Region Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) sponsors HPCC by allowing us to use their facilities. In return we maintain a certain percentage of military members and volunteer at some of the MWR events. Although majority of club members are military, HPCC is open to everyone! HPCC members compete in various long and short distance races organized throughout the state. We also have members that enjoy the sport for its recreation, but still have the opportunity to paddle and learn outrigger canoeing from experienced HPCC coaches and paddlers. We are located next to the USS Arizona Memorial and convenient to all military bases.

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    How can I get in touch with someone from HPCC? I’ve got a number of questions about the club, membership and outrigger canoe paddling.

    Just email us at honolulupearlcanoeclub@gmail.com . We are passionate about sharing this sport with as many people as possible. Someone will contact you and will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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    Yes, we have a youth program for ages 8 thru 18. Outrigger paddling is a great sport for kids. It is safe, challenging, and very social. There are statewide races on Oahu and the kids will experience sportsmanship, competition, friendship and the Hawaiian culture through participating in sanctioned and organized events. While in Hawaii, this is one of the best gifts you can give your kids. If you are interested in our YOUTH program, let us know now by emailing honolulupearlcanoeclub@gmail.com to assure your seat.

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    Where is HPCC located?

    We are located at the Rainbow Bay Marina Canoe Hale approximately 1/2 mile from the USS Arizona Memorial. The canoe hale is behind the Ocean Concepts Scuba Diving building. Ocean Concepts and canoe hale shares the same parking lot at the end of the Arizona Memorial Dr., on the North side of the Ford Island Bridge (Aka. Admiral Bernard Chick Clarey Bridge).
    The best way to reach HPCC is through email at honolulupearlcanoeclub@gmail.com. Also click to view Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club on Google Maps.

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    Who are members of HPCC?

    Majority of our members are military active duty, dependents, DoD civilians, and contractors. We also have civilian members and the club is open to anyone interested in paddling.

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    I AM A CIVILIAN and have no ties with military. CAN I JOIN?

    Yes, we are open to civilians. Connection to the military or government is not necessary. Please email us at honolulupearlcanoeclub@gmail.com and we will get you started.

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    Can you tell me more about the history of the outrigger canoe?

    The sport has much historical and cultural significance here in Hawaii. Although different types of outrigger canoes have been in existence all around the world, Polynesians pushed these canoes to their limits and used them as their primary transportation vehicle. They navigated on outrigger canoes all around the Pacific Ocean with great success. Outrigger canoes are very capable of traveling through the rough ocean waters. This capability is probably the single most appealing side of Hawaiian outrigger canoes. Today the tradition and legacy of outrigger canoeing continues as a historical and cultural sport.

    The most thrilling paddling moments are when you are out in the open ocean paddling on sparkling blue, clear water.
    It is pure manpower working with nature.

    Outrigger canoe paddling is spreading across the world. Although, you’ll find outrigger canoe clubs throughout the east and west coasts of the US, South America, Canada, Australia and Europe, paddling in Hawaii is like no other! It is the official state sport of Hawaii. You will find well organized events and races across the state. There’s even a paddlers TV channel. If you would like to see more about this thrilling sport, you can watch some of the better known major events such as the Molokai Hoe or Na Wahine races. These two events are the World Championship of outrigger canoe paddling where teams paddle more than 40 plus miles from the island of Molokai to Oahu. Visit www.oc16.tv/shows on your computer and look for “Ocean Paddler TV”.

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    Why is Hawaiian canoe paddling so great?

    Paddlers love outrigger canoeing for various reasons. The work out is like no other. You’ll be on the open water, taking in the beautiful Hawaiian sunsets, rainbows and mountain vistas of the islands…all while working your body and mind. In no time you’ll burn those extra calories, get in shape, build strength and stamina and achieve your weight loss goals while having fun and making friends. It can’t get any better.

    Paddling is a team and social sport. Weekly practices and weekend races are fun and physically challenging. Crew mates easily become new friends. Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling is a great escape that can only be experienced in Hawaii!

    Paddling is also a very competitive sport. Author Steve West calls the sport as “war like” in his book, “The Paddlers Guide to Outrigger Canoeing”. Competition is fierce and one of the best sports to be in. The personal and team challenges can be intense. The feeling of achievement is great.

    There are also Hawaiian historical and cultural aspects of the sport. It is more than a sport for those with Polynesian blood line. Outrigger Canoes for Hawaiians used to be (and still is) a member of the family. The cultural and historical side of the sport lies very deep. Paddling is a great way to learn about the Hawaiian culture and the history.

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    Outrigger Canoe Paddling sounds like a great activity to do while I’m in Hawaii. How do I get started?

    You are right. Hawaii is the best place to learn and experience the outrigger canoe paddling sport. We have a lot of resources, the support of the state, local events and races that are well organized. The most famous long distance races in the world are held right here in Hawaii, where people travel thousands of miles to the Islands to be able to participate.

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    Do you have a keiki program for children 8 years of age? May I, as an inexperienced adult, still join today?

    Keiki program starts at age 8 and runs through 18. All adults can join the program no matter what age.

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    does the club still have the original koa boat from honolulu canoe club. the honolulu?

    It is the Honaunau

If you have any questions, please email us at honolulupearlcanoeclub@gmail.com.  Mahalo!