The Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association continues the tradition of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe racing by requiring that all clubs in this association race in Koa canoes for its regatta season.  Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club’s Koa canoe is named, Honaunau.  Honaunau was built for Honaunau Canoe Club on the  island of  Hawaii in August 1952. She was made from an original Koa log cut from Papa, South Kona. Anthony Maui Cambra commissioned the log construction with Antone Grace being one of the carvers. She was blessed in the fall of 1956 as Honaunau.

Honaunau was purchased by Pinky Thompson, who brought her over from the Big Island where she became part of the Hui Nalu Canoe Club. While with Hui Nalu, she made several channel crossings in the prestigious Moloka’i to Oahu race.

Honaunau later came to HPCC through Gary Oakland, one of the original founders of the Honolulu Canoe Club. He purchased her from Hui Nalu and although the cost of this purchase unknown, today, such a purchase could cost over $100,000 to build a Koa canoe. The manus and gunnels are painted red, yellow, and black to symbolize the royal Hawaiian colors of the past.  Uncles Nappy Napoleon and Sonny Bradley, both well known and respected in the paddling community, have also paddled in our Honaunau.


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