WELCOME to the Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club HPCC), where we paddle with sincere "Aloha". We are currently paddling out of Sand Island.  A great spot for sprint training.  Also an excellent location for access to open water and distance training. Although Honolulu Pearl has a large military and Department of Defense (DoD) affiliated membership, the club is open to all persons. HPCC members enjoy 6-man outrigger canoe paddling at both competitive and non-competitive levels.  Honolulu Pearl is an active member club of the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA) and Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (HCRA), and competes in all OHCRA regatta races, long distance races, and other races organized by various clubs or entities.  The Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club's assigned club number is number 16. Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club Programs: Competitive Paddling (~March to Oct) Paddlers in competitive paddling program prepare for the OHCRA regatta (sprint) and long distance races, and  represent Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club at these events.  Competitive paddling program requires more commitment from both the paddler and the club.  One special aspect that differentiates Honolulu Pearl from other outrigger clubs is that we have a large military membership.  Because military members are often required to travel for duty for various lengths of time, Honolulu Pearl is understanding to paddlers who may have the commitment to participate, but not be able to attend all practices.  This gives military members an opportunity to continue to participate competitively even if they may not be able to maintain full attendance.  In many other clubs it is hard to get in to competitive teams if paddlers are unable to maintain full continuous practice and race attendance. Keiki (Youth) Program (~April to July) Keiki (Youth) program is the most exciting of all our programs.  Outrigger canoe paddling is the official sport for the state of Hawaii.  On Oahu hundreds of local Keiki compete at OHCRA regatta races every year.  Honolulu Pearl maintains a program for youth ages up to 18 years of age, to give our Keiki a chance to participate in this beautiful sport.  The Keiki Program is open to all children interested in paddling and is a great opportunity for kids to execise, learn a great sport, make new friends, participate in races, learn about Hawaiian culture and history, and most of all have fun. Off-Season Paddling (~Jan until ~April) Off-season paddling is conducted on Saturday mornings starting 9:00 AM to sunset. To Learn more check our Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club and Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling FAQ.