Hon Pearl Novice B Women 1st Place

Novice B Women Laulima 2011 Race

Novice B Women

Koa Kai Canoe Club held its annual Laulima pre-season race on April 16th Saturday.  It was a successful day for Honolulu Pearl Novice B Women team.  Hon Pearl ladies one more time made us proud, this time, by coming in first place in their division.  Novice B Women crew paddlers were Aimee Bailey, Adrienne Hopper, Brandi Brickler, Lydia Munger-Little, and Jill Bass. The race had a long and short course. Short course started at beautiful Magic Island and stretched to Diamond Head and back.  The long course had a similar course to begin with, but crews had to paddle pass Magic Island to the West coming back from
Hon Pearl Paddlers at Koa Kai Race 2011

Hon Pearl Paddlers

Diamond Head before they paddled back to the finish line at Magic Island. In addition to the Novice B Women team, Honolulu Pearl had 2 other Novice B Men teams,  and an Open Mix crew paddled at the race.  All teams successfully finished the race. It was the perfect day to be on the beach, but not necessarily the best conditions to paddle long distance.  There weren't much wind and the water was pretty flat all the way to and from Diamond Head.  But it turned out a lot of fun, and we definitely enjoyed the ocean, sun and the breathtaking Honolulu skyline. You can find the Laulima 2011 race result here. Also Alan Kang was again busy taking photos of all the action.  You can find his article and photo album here (Candid photos,  Women and Mixed Divisions and  Men's Division Photos). Note:  Group photo of Honolulu Pearl paddlers is courtesy of Alan Kang at Alan K Sports Hawaii.  

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