Congrats Hon Pearl Hons !!!

Novice B Women with their awards

Novice B Women

On April 2, 2011, Hon Pearl participated in the 5th Annual POCC Iron Challenge with 3 crews.  Hon Pearl paddlers competed in Novice Women and Men, and Open Men categories.  The race was sponsored by Pu'uloa Outrigger Canoe Club and it was in honor of Kammy VeraCruz.

The race had a short course and a long course and was held at Keehi Lagoon.  The short course was similar to previous week's Kahiau race.  Teams paddled out of the Keehi Laggon and back in.  The long course was little different and went out side of the harbor, and came back to lagoon from Sand Island side.  The conditions were calmer and there weren't much wind or surf.

Hon Pearl Novice B Women came in second place and finished seconds behind the first place Kamahao team.  Olelo o Ke Ola team came in 3rd place after Hon Pearl team.  Paddlers in the Novice B Women's team were Patricia Russ Lee, Andrea Dolera, Brandi Devall Brickler, Adrienne Hopper, and Erica

Honolulu Pearl Novice B Men and Women

Honolulu Pearl Novice B Men and Women

Entz. Congratulations Novice B Women, we are proud of you!

The Novice B Men team also performed incredibly well.  They started the race full speed and they were heading for the lead position and going strong.  But an unfortunate and "undeserved" huli brought them to a stop.  But it didn't deter them.  They quickly recovered from the huli and went back paddling full speed.  In spite of the "undeserved" huli, they finished the race only 8 minutes after the 1st place Kamehameha Novice B crew.  They are the number one in hour hearths. Good job Novice B Men, keep up with the good performance.

Hon Pearl Open Men competed in the long course.  They came in 9th place overall, and only 4 minutes short of the Open Men 3rd place.

Here is the 5th POCC Iron Challenge Official Results.