Honolulu Pearl at Kahiau 2011 Outrigger Canoe Race

Hon Pearl Team at Kahiou 2011

Hon Pearl Team at Kahiou 2011

On March 26th, 2011 Saturday, Honolulu Pearl participated in the 6th Annual Kahiau Canoe Race at Ke’ehi Lagoon.  The race was sponsored by Keahiakahoe Canoe Club from the Windward side.

Honolulu Pearl had 2 men’s crews, one mix and one women’s crew competed at the event.  This was the first race for the season for us and we had many new members first time racing at an outrigger canoe race.  It was a blast.

There were two parts to the race.  The first part was a short course where teams headed out from Ke’ehi Lagoon to outside of the harbour and turned around two buoys and came back in the harbor.  Women’s and mix teams raced at the short course.  The second course was a longer one and stretched toward to downtown Honolulu and back.  This course was for the men’s crews.

It was the perfect fist race for the new paddlers. We had some strong Easterly winds and as soon as we headed outside of the harbour, we were greeted by 3-4 footers.  It got quite choppy with some wind swell from East and ground swell coming from South.  Stronger crews got to catch bumps on two of the legs, while all the teams also had to fight against the head on wind and the surf during part of the course.  There couldn’t have been a better ice breaker for the new paddlers for  the open ocean.

At the event we were lucky to have sports and events reporter Alan Kang.  Alan covers all kinds of local sports and events  in Hawaii at Alan K Sports Hawaii.  You can read his articles at HawaiiLocalNews.BlogSpot.com .  Alan was invited by Mr. Gilbert Silva, Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association, and Tom Connor, Legendary paddler and Hawaii’s best competitive steersman, and Stan Dixon, Board President of the Keahiakahoe Canoe Club.  Alan took some professional photos of the event and they are awesome.  Just to get the feel of the event, visit the Alan Kang’s event photo gallery.  One picture worth a thousand words.  You can find the links right below:

And here is the link to Alan’s article covering the event.

Alan, mahalo for coming and capturing the first ever canoe race of our new paddlers.

You can find the official Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA) 6th Kahiou Outrigger Canoe race result here.

Great start Honolulu Pearl!…  Dhoom Machale 2011 !!!!!

Note:  The group photo in this posting is courtesy of Alan Kang.


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